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Who is Elk?




Elk is Eleanor Louise Killen - the face, mind and drawing hand behind Elk Draws and it is her initials which spell E-L-K.

She is determined to build a brand which creates beautiful products of the highest quality, yet products that are can be traced to the source and are as sustainable as possible. Whether it's the paper the prints are printed on, the postcards or the tshirts, she traces every step of the product sourcing. From origin, production to packaging, only the most transparently sourced, ethically created make it to your hands, walls or next to your skin as a tshirt.

She is also passionate about authentic art creation and strives to create the majority of art pieces or designs by hand. Yes some products can't avoid to have a digital element to them, but Eleanor strives to have pen or paint to paper involved in as much of the process as possible.

Eleanor grew up in country Victoria, just when fast fashion was beginning, yet didn't take to it and preferred to purchase long known quality brands second hand as a teenager. This strong respect for quality and longevity has stuck and she now implements it in her own products. She expects a product to last and assumes you do too.


 All photography on this site is taken by Eleanor or Aimee Jan of @oceanaimee .