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elk draws she female nude figure limited edition print
elk draws she female nude figure limited edition print
Hand drawn black and white female figure nude fine art print by elk draws eleanor killen drawn with copic pens on white backgroud
Hand drawn black and white nude fine art print by elk draws eleanor killen drawn with copic pens on white backgroud

She Female Figure | Limited Edition Fine Art Print

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‘She’ is the first artwork in a series which explores the beauty of the female figure from a different perspective. The lines, the crevasses, the shadows, the differences we all wear.

It all began when I was on a scroll (an instagram scroll) and realised that I'd just admired the bodies of two different females for entirely different reasons to what society may in a more mainstream way value in a photograph of a female. This began my thinking that often we are drawn to the actual outline of a figure and whether it falls into what we critique as 'desirable'. What I'd instead just done was admire how the shadows fell across figures of different form and figures held in different positions and how these contrasts intrigued the viewer and changed the whole perception of the image.   

There began the project of drawing something which denied the viewer the traditional silhouette of a female figure and instead drew the viewer in, away from the negative space surrounding the figure. The eye is first drawn to the light dancing along her skin and then led around the figure with the angles of shadow and changes in gradient. The viewer is invited to explore the folds, textures and beauty of ’She’ herself, rather than getting lost in perceiving whether she is 'desirable' from figure alone.

'She' is only available as a Limited Edition Print in A3 or A2 size.

Limited Edition Archival Prints on Paper:


Limited Edition Sizes:

A3 (29.7 x 42 cm) - $149.95 (Edition of 100 prints)

A2 (42 X 59.4 cm) - $299.95 (Edition of 50 prints)

Open Edition vs Limited Edition Prints:

Open edition prints are printed an unlimited number of times whereas limited edition prints are limited to a set number which will not be exceeded and each print is numbered as part of an edition and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.


All prints are printed on Hahnemühle Bamboo 290gsm paper. An eco friendly, warm toned fine art paper which is museum quality archival paper, made to last at least 75 - 100 years. A3, A4 and A5 prints are mounted on 100% recycled backing board and protected in an archival sleeve.


Prints are securely posted in a cardboard pack or in a cardboard tube to keep them safe from harm in the post.

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